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A Call To Greatness

This is the first in a series of messages being sent out to change our world.

I invite your participation and your great thoughts.
The words that we are delivering to others in this space are intended to live – to be a living message of real change in the way we conduct our day to day affairs. It is with our words written here that a new standard of conduct shall be created. It is our proposition that mankind is unified in its desire to survive well and to live a free and happy existence. We further propose that we are all charged with the responsibility in our endeavors to lead others to a new and higher existence by demanding that our small actions be viewed globally and with great magnitude. You are not merely working at a job or even managing a career – you are changing the universe into which we are born, live and die.

We are sounding a battle cry for all of those of you who in your daily endeavors have the desire to rise above the mundane. This is not a conversation for the faint of heart and your leadership among your fellow man is not only needed but you are compelled, by understanding this message, to act and to cause real, meaningful change in the world. By participating here, you are taking on responsibility for others as well as your own life and the lives of generations to come.

In this discussion, we are not concerned with who you have been but rather with who you are and how you can change our future. And so it begins, our discussion to return the greatness of our fellow man in all of the splendor that leaves one in awe of how we so love one another as to continue to provide our very best creations to help life on earth be a paradise.

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