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Seeing Results

Carrying out strategic and systematic plans

Our passionate and like-minded team of capital investment advisers works hard to implement a series of systematic processes, individually applied to a business in order to increase the upward spiral of a growing company, as well as document the results.

Tom Klink – Jefferson Electric

A Letter of Acknowledgement and Highest Recommendation

integrated separation solutionsI consider Expansion Funding Partners to have been absolutely crucial to my current level of success. I can honestly say that hard work goes a very long way, but their experience and know-how definitely made it possible for me to get to where I am much quicker than it would have taken otherwise.

There was a time where I had been attempting to buy my partner’s interests. We both knew this was what needed to be done to achieve our individual goals, but after five years of stalled negotiations, hopes for a pleasant outcome began to run stale. Utilizing Expansion Funding Partners with the help of their Value Expansion Process, we were able to finally honestly negotiate the purchase price and achieve our goals.

Within 3 months of establishing an expanded goal for the company through this Value Expansion Process, I acquired a manufacturing plant that expanded capacity for our products by $30 million annually, while reducing production costs by millions of dollars. This wasn’t a stroke of luck or flash of genius. It was Expansion Funding Partners negotiating and structuring a transaction with speed and foresight.

Prior to this, the unfortunate truth is that we were under the very real threat of losing our viability. This move alone, so well designed and executed, not only saved us, but also positioned us to have a greatly expanded value for many years into the future. It was incredible to go from the anxiety regarding our inability to meet our production demands to the sense of calmness and certainty about our long term strategy.

As a final stage of the strategy that was developed, Expansion Funding Partners negotiated and structured a pricing sale of the company to a publicly traded strategic partner. While the sale increased my personal net worth considerably, much more importantly, the move resulted in an infusion of capital that solidified the company’s prospects for continued growth and prosperity, while still protecting my desire to determine the course of operations.

It has been an amazing relief to find capital partners who were able to align themselves with my goals and help me get the company to where I wanted it to go.

I would venture to guess that many of you have endured at least a sleepless night or two over these types of situations. I would be remiss if I did not recommend you at least get to know Expansion Funding Partners. They helped me to realize my goals and while they may not be a right fit for everyone, they may well be the next step in your company’s evolution.

Dr. Richard M. Heins – Integrated Separations Solutions

Respect and Admiration

Equity investment fundsIt is very important to me that you know how thrilled and impressed we are with the results that we are getting for my company (Integrated Separation Solutions, LLC) as a direct result of engaging Expansion Funding Partners. In fact, these results have led to the recent expansion of our engagement to include several, very complex personal projects concerning associated business ventures that involve my family.

Joseph Cecala, CEO and his entire expert team are not only meeting but exceeding my expectations. The proprietary strategic business plan implemented by them is unique and sound and I expect the outcome to be financially rewarding for all parties.

It was amazing to see the tremendous passion with which the team from Expansion Funding Partners tackled the challenges we placed in front of them. They stepped in at a very precarious time for my company where there were dangers at every turn and where we were close to shutting our doors. The management team bravely took total control slogging through some very tough situations. They very quickly grasped the breath and depth of the assignment, prioritized and directed segments to the appropriate expert, controlled costs with a zeal equal to none, correctly evaluated internal and external risks and eliminated dangers. The team is responsible for our company existing today. In this economic climate, this is no small feat.

I also am proud to say that Joe shares my goal of improving the World for mankind through our respective business approaches. My expectation is that the unique products provided by my company will now indeed have the chance to make that difference and improve things for our fellow man. The turnaround that my company has experienced is unparalleled and many are surprised we still exist. We owe this success to Expansion Funding Partners. With their strategic approach, we expect to secure a much needed infusion of capital which will catapult us to the next level.

Expansion Funding Partners has my highest respect and admiration for their commitment, expertise, trustworthiness, and ability to get the job done. As a long-time businessman and academician, it is interesting to see the turn around that has been executed thus far and the future plans which are about ready to be implemented for even greater profitable growth and development.