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Our Services

We believe that every deal should be successful

The services offered by Expansion Funding Partners encompass a broad array of activities and professional expertise geared toward the expansion value of the client’s business.

We focus on solving the problems that are inhibiting the company from greater value and creating strategic plans that when executed drive the expansion of the client’s business to new plateaus.


Business Support Program

In preparation for the full Value Expansion Process, Expansion Funding Partners conducts a preliminary business evaluation.  This evaluation drives out the key expansion barriers that impede the growth of your business and potentially reduce or limit its enterprise value.  We then directly assist you in removing these barriers by conducting our Business Support Program.

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Value Expansion Evaluation

To help introduce clients to our firm, we perform the Value Expansion Evaluation™ (VEE™).  The purpose of this product is to create an evaluation of financial and operational data to discover the feasibility of raising capital or getting cash for the sale of a company based upon the owner’s vision and ideas.

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Value Expansion Map™

The Value Expansion Map is the initial service to set a company on the right course toward their next phase of growth and identify the precise direction that the company must travel to better assure accomplishing their desired financial event.

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Value Expansion Process

This Value Expansion Process™ (VEP™) incorporates proven elements of both advisory counsel and investment banking services gleaned from hundreds of investment transactions (including one of the most successful acquisitions in the field of online trading), mergers, acquisitions, sales, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other financial events.

Capital Investment

Equilibrium Pricing

An overall lack of funds for emerging and expanding companies has been amplified in recent years due to decreased lending from commercial banks. The problem most emerging or expanding companies face in the current marketplace is a lack of funds from private investors.