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Equilibrium Pricing™

Accuracy and Reasonable Investment

value of equilibrium pricingOur Company has created a proprietary and innovative method to create a balance between an investor’s objective to have a high rate of return and a company owner’s objective to have fair and reasonable investment terms. An overall lack of funds for emerging and expanding companies has been amplified in recent years due to decreased lending from commercial banks. The problem most emerging or expanding companies face in the current marketplace is a lack of funds from private investors. The solution to creating an agreement for receipt of investment funds is to accurately understand the starting value of an organization and then predict the future value with precision. With the starting point and the ending point of value clearly understood, an organization can then establish the price it will charge to exchange ownership percentages of its enterprise with owners, management, investors and other key stakeholders.

Accuracy and Understanding

Our Company accurately calculates the starting point and ending point for both the investor and the owner through the use of our services and proprietary pricing model. We use very accurate mathematical calculations to understand the amount which the owner of a concept may be required to reduce his ownership in his company by in exchange for receipt of investment funds, commonly called “dilution”. When the future exchange of the rewards is fairly distributed to both the owner and the investor, we have found the Equilibrium Price™. Our Company uses Equilibrium Pricing™ formulas to understand the changes in value of an enterprise over time. Use of our formulas enhances the prediction of the future value of a company to accurately produce a fair price for percentages of any client.

Our Equilibrium Pricing™ model

Our formulas use a fundamental truth regarding the product benefits delivered by our clients. The truth we have adopted is that the market value of a company’s shares is a reflection of the degree to which its products can universally improve the survival conditions of mankind. To be sure, our formula is based upon the intuitive knowledge that we all share regarding the value of an aesthetic concept: we value and pay for products that will help us increase our own survival on some level. Our Company’s philosophy is based upon the principle that we all survive best when free markets communicate acceptance of real, truthful solutions and ideas that aid in the improvement of mankind’s conditions. When investors exchange money for a share in the future rewards to be earned from the physical byproducts created from the most universally helpful ideas, both the investor and the owner achieve the highest value possible for the enterprise. A clear understanding of the financial certainty of the enterprise’s future value allows for fast and accurate formation of agreements. Our Equilibrium Pricing™ model delivers the fastest and most accurate pricing solution.