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Value Expansion Evaluation

A Comprehensive Assessment

As part of the VEE™, our firm provides the client with a preliminary assessment of the company’s readiness either to receive external investment funds or for the owner’s exit from the business accompanied by an immediate receipt of cash from a sale at some future date. We document the current operational and financial potential utilizing conventional valuation methods, and introduce the concept of Equilibrium Pricing ™ and the Value Expansion Process™. The VEE™ is delivered in an easy to use report containing a company narrative including its nature, history, products and a clear statement of the company’s purpose; a formatted presentation of the financial and operational data collected by EFP; data revealing conventional approaches to valuation, including several valuation methods as applied to the company on a weighted average.

The VEE™ report goes on to provide a plotted comparison of:

  • The ownership’s 5-year projected valuation.
  • A 5-year projected valuation based on conventional methods and existing financial and operational data.

Finally, based on the data collected and the full experience of the firm, EFP delivers a Value Expansion Evaluation™ Letter concerning the feasibility of raising investment capital or getting cash for a sale of the company on fair and reasonable terms.