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Value Expansion Map™

A Comprehensive Roadmap

The Value Expansion Map™ is the initial service to set a company on the right course toward their next phase of growth and identify the precise direction that the company must travel to better assure accomplishing their desired financial event.  This service provides a comprehensive roadmap to plan the needed sequence of events along the journey for a client to create an organization ready for expansion, correct structuring of the capital for funding expansion and form a preliminary group of specific qualified investors, strategic partners or other resources to arrive at the expanded destination goal.

Specific Deliverable Products Included with the Value Expansion Map™:

  • A preliminary collection and assessment of data to accurately portray the state of affairs and circumstances confronting the client’s business.
  • Onsite interviews to validate the state of affairs.
  • Evaluation of the cash management of the client’s operation through use of a 90-day history and 45-day projected cash analysis.
  • A preliminary, five-year financial forecast to clarify capital needs and possible structure.
  • A comprehensive, written report detailing the most critical areas requiring remediation prior to receipt of capital, including recommended courses of action, prioritization and proposed timelines, as they pertain to the successful realization of the client’s articulated vision.
  • A summary of recent transactions similar to that proposed by/for the client.
  • A preliminary estimate of the valuation, capital structure and investment pricing for the proposed offering or expansion plan.