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Value Expansion Process™

Expanding the Value of Your Company

value expansionThis Value Expansion Process™ (VEP™) incorporates proven elements of both advisory counsel and investment banking services gleaned from hundreds of investment transactions (including one of the most successful acquisitions in the field of online trading), mergers, acquisitions, sales, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other financial events.  The process has consistently enhanced the magnitude, speed, and accuracy of return on investment (ROI) and business valuation for the clients we serve.  The VEP™ is comprised of two main components: The initial service is the Value Expansion Map™ and the primary service is the Value Expansion Program™.

Value Expansion Program™

The Value Expansion Program™ is where the full action steps are taken to expand the value of your company.  Where the Value Expansion Map™ lays out the route to your expansion, the Value Expansion Program™is the actual guided journey.  Your company is taken through the following steps with the end result of a new level of operation and financial stability.

expansion value The first step in the program is a present-time scene evaluation that provides a comprehensive view of the current state of affairs ongoing with the client along with any current and future impediments to the client obtaining funds or reaching its expansion goals.  We collect data that enhances the speed of future delivery of materials to key interested participants be they investors, strategic partners or potential purchasers of a client’s business.
value expansion We provide written narrative reports and agreements confirming the unbiased observations of the client’s present scene and a narrative summary report concerning the most material state of affairs requiring attention prior to embarking on the journey to expand.
We formulate detailed immediate action plans to remove any barriers to expansion and identify the resources needed to execute the plans.  The Expansion Funding Partners team will either oversee the execution of the plans in collaboration with the client or perform the needed work as may be requested by the client.  All of our action plans are designed to handle impediments to expansion, and the people creating them, as well as enhance areas of the company that will provide better terms to any transaction.
Next, are detailed strategic plans and financial forecasts which consists of a five year earnings plan to include operating budgets, cash flows and development of assumptions and uses of funds for private placement of funds factoring in macroeconomic strategic planning and business conditions of the client; calculation of earnings data.
We provide an approximation of Internal Rate of Return for placement activity, the Equilibrium Price™ and preliminary offering summary with the capital structure of the enterprise.
We present to our client a Value of Cash Flows Valuation for earnings and create a visual depiction of the value stream map of the enterprise as its progresses toward the expansion goal.
Preliminary Expansion Tools.  We create third party funding placement documents, term sheets for initial capital contributions and term sheets to begin negotiation of transactions be they acquisitions, partial or complete liquidations of the client business or any proposed expansion event.
Next is the creation of a list of target individuals that may provide resources to accomplish the expansion goal.  Whether we are seeking an evaluative list of investors, strategic partners or potential purchasers, our databases provide very comprehensive information on all of the individuals or groups that may have interest in establishing a transactional relationship with our clients.
Survey.  We select out the most favorable relationships for the client and deliver preliminary program information and terms by opening communication lines.
We create a final presentation to strategic partners, investors or targeted expansion participants.  Our firm carefully evaluates our survey results to assure that we understand the communication required to accomplish the greatest possibility of success for entering into an agreement.  The survey results take into account the targeted groups and individuals to assure that the future alignment of the purposes of the transaction and partnership are at the highest possible levels.
We deliver presentations with client.  Confidential and proprietary delivery methodology.
We evaluate presentations and choose partners.  Confidential and proprietary delivery methodology.
There is a Term Sheet Negotiation Process.  Confidential and proprietary delivery methodology.
There is a Term Sheet Finalization Process.  Confidential and proprietary delivery methodology.
We oversee legal and operational closing process.  Confidential and proprietary delivery methodology.
We oversee Closing and commence new operations.  Confidential and proprietary delivery methodology which assures post closing results, quality control and legal integrity.